Central Oregon based artist Aaron Cormier takes listeners on a journey through "Thoughtfully crafted acoustic routes to self," where notes weave a sonic tapestry of the human condition with "Light & Love" flickering bright in the forefront. Aaron's debut solo album "Channels" is an intimate and delightfully paced ride of self discovery, revealing depths of himself through each and every ambient fingerpickin' tale, truly reflecting his charisma and passion. Reflective and comforting, "Channels" holds true to it's name by allowing the space to one's own visceral phonic experience, where nothing is forced and everything flows naturally. With major influences including the likes of Bill Frisell, Dustin O'Halloran, John Mayer, Nils Frahm and Anthony DaCosta, Cormier is an accomplished guitarist who constantly bleeds the colors of all his heroes and mentors along the way. His vast musicianship is subtlety showcased in two separate long term projects, "Thirds" and "Enloom," where he is more focused on facilitating lush and lavish landscapes, shining harmonies and intricate rhythms for fellow bandmates to truly soar on.